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what is it outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is contracting with an external IT Technical Support company to perform your IT tasks and/or projects. This alleviates your staff from any time consuming IT project or particular function. Most firms outsource IT responsibilities to some degree. Typically, the function being outsourced is considered not related to the core functionality and/ or definitive industry of the corporation. A brokerage firm, for example, might outsource its janitorial or landscaping operations to companies that specialize in those fields. The outside companies that are providing the outsourcing services are third-party providers, or as they are more commonly called, service providers.

Although outsourcing has been around as long as work specialization has existed, in recent history, companies began employing the outsourcing model to carry out narrow functions, such as payroll, billing and data entry. These processes could be done more efficiently, and therefore more cost-effective, by other companies with specialized tools and facilities and specially trained personnel.

Currently, outsourcing takes many forms. Organizations still hire service providers to handle distinct business processes, such as benefits management. But some organizations outsource the entire IT Departmental operations. The most common forms are information technology outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO).

Business process outsourcing encompasses call center outsourcing, human resources outsourcing (HRO), finance and accounting outsourcing, and claims processing outsourcing. These outsourcing deals involve multi-year contracts that can run into hundreds of millions of dollars. Frequently, the people performing the work internally for the client firm are transferred and become employees for the service provider.

Some firms that are short on time and/or money, such as start-up software publishers, apply the multisource method, utilizing both internal and service provider staff. They hire a multitude of IT outsourcing service providers to handle almost all aspects of a new project.

The process of outsourcing generally encompasses four stages:

1) strategic It outsourcing thought process, to develop the organization's philosophy about the role of IT outsourcing in its activities.

2) evaluation and selection, to decide on the appropriate IT outsourcing projects and potential locations for the work to be done and service providers to do it.

3) contract development, to work out the legal, pricing and service level agreement (SLA) terms.

4) IT outsourcing management or governance, to refine the ongoing working relationship between the client and IT outsourcing service providers.

IT outsourcing success depends on three factors: executive-level support in the client organization for the outsourcing mission; ample communication to affected employees; and the client's ability to manage its service providers. The IT outsourcing professionals in charge of the work on both the client and provider sides need a combination of skills in such areas as negotiation, communication, project management, the ability to understand the terms and conditions of the contracts and service level agreements (SLAs), and, above all, the willingness to be flexible as business needs change.

The challenges of IT outsourcing become especially acute when the work is being done in a different country (offshore), since that involves language, cultural and time zone differences.

our it outsourcing (sla)

NY SEO Agency IT outsourcing solutions assist you with cost-effective IT management services consisting of managed availability, network and desktop performance and security of your distributed computing environment. When combined with our Technology Procurement Services, NY SEO Agency seamless end-to-end processes and systems for IT Outsourcing help you manage your workplace assets throughout their entire life cycle. Positioning yourself with our flexible IT Outsourcing services, gives you the advantage to choose the amount of support you require so that your end-users become more productive and adapt to a team cohesiveness environment.

it outsourcing experience of it support and Technical services

Today's IT professionals are tasked with managing a multitude of platforms, operating systems, networks, databases, applications and vendors. Maintaining control of this complex infrastructure is more complicated than ever. Choosing the right people, process and technology is a significant challenge. You need cost-effective solutions that make the environment more manageable, instead of more complicated. NYSEO.AGENCY, offers a range of Professional Services to address your management needs, from E-Commerce internet and/or intranet strategy assessment and solution design to rapid deployment and implementation services.

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IT Outsourcing - IT Support
We are a team of Network administrators with extensive experience in IT Troubleshooting. Certified professionals with extensive experience in data recovery, network installation, computer repair and wireless network design and troubleshooting.

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At NY SEO Agency, you receive professional IT Support at a reasonable cost.  There are no hidden fees, charges. We do not  sell our clients email addresses. We are dedicated to our clients and protect their privacy and services. We offer our clients full control via control panel to select their password, virus control, spam control levels and much more.

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We offer several turnkey packages to fit virtually every budget. We partner with our clients and strive for their success. We take pride in providing you with best in class service, from web design to web hosting to search engine optimization solutions.

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We offer several levels of Data Recovery services. Our Dynamic Response Data Recovery is an on-site service without cracking the case of your computer or server. We also offer Server or Desktop pickup service. Ultimately we offer a clean room for cracking the case of any hard drive for ultimate data recovery services.

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We are a Domain Name Registrar offering domain name sales, management, and private name servers, dedicated IP Addresses and VPS.


NY SEO Agency, Inc. is dedicated to assisting small to medium sized companies by providing technical solutions beyond compare. Solutions that deliver proven results in Productivity, Performance, Profitability and Client Satisfaction.

A Total Solutions Technology Company based in New York. Dedicated to assisting small to medium size companies by providing technical solutions beyond compare. Web Design - Website Hosting  Network Installation Computer Installation & Support and Data Recovery. We provide technical solutions that deliver proven results in Productivity, Performance, Profitability and unsurpassed Client Satisfaction.

Our packages are designed for companies that do not possess their own technical support staff or would like to alleviate their technical support staff of their web hosting responsibilities. We offer web hosting packages that include website maintenance, website design upgrades, search engine submittal and search engine optimization. All our web hosting packages come with virus and spam protection at the server level.

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